Inert Gas Protection Jet Mill System

                                The inert gas protection jet mill system is suitable to pulverize flammable, explosive and easily oxidized materials. It is widely used in metal, chemical, farm chemical, western medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine industries. Depending on the nature of the inflammable and explosive materials, appropriate inert gas should be used as the grinding media.

                                Model QBF-148 QBF-248 QBF-348 QBF-488 QBF-720
                                Production Capacity (kg/h) 5-25 15-80 30-180 60-400 120 ~ 800
                                Air Consumption (m3/h) 3-5 3-15 5-20 8-30 12-40
                                Working Pressure (MPa) 0.75-0.85 0.75-0.85 0.75-0.85 0.75-0.85 0.75-0.85
                                Feed Particle Size(mesh) 60-325 60-325 60-325 60-325 60-325
                                Grinding Size (μm) 0.5-30 0.5-30 0.5-30 0.5-30 0.5-30
                                Installed Power (kw) 33 53 88 173 346

                                The purity error of inert gas can be controlled within 1PPM and the content of oxygen can be set randomly. The inert gas is used cyclically, so its consumption is extremely low. Abrasion of the jet mill system is small, because the grinding is completed by the collision of material particles and the high-speed particles seldom collide with the machine wall. Therefore, our product can be used for the pulverization of materials with the Mohs hardness scale above nine. In addition, fully automatic control can be realized by the adoption of advanced PLC and touch screen.

                                Flowchart of the Inert Gas Protection Jet Mill System

                                1. Nitrogen Gas Source
                                2. Air Tank
                                3. Nitrogen Gas Compressor
                                4. Air Freeze Dryer
                                5. Air Filter
                                6. Material Storage Tank
                                7. Transitional Material Storage Tank
                                8. QBF Fluidized Bed Jet Mill

                                9. Cyclone Separator
                                10. Transitional Storage Tank for the Finished Products
                                11. Finished Products Tank
                                12. Dust Collector
                                13. Transitional Storage Tank for the Finished Products
                                14. Finished Products Tank
                                15. Gas Circuit Control System
                                16. Operating Terminal

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